Friday, January 20, 2006

First vlog for the Million Minutes Vlog4peace

This video was taken by Mus that I edited. Since I was not able to upload it to the vlog sites I signed-up it was converted by Mr. Park from wmv to quicktime, it became a huge file unuploadable. Finally You Tube had it hosted to their sites, thanks to them and I hope to upload the rest of the vlogs on their site.

I hope vloggers will also upload their contribution to this project.

Vloggers of the World Unite! Let us Vlog4peace.


Susan said...

Anyonghaseyo! (I know I'm not spelling that right)

I'll take part :) I think it's a wonderful idea. Don't rule out to host your videos--they have been doing a great job and are very reliable.

Hopefully I can get my vid done for you this weekend...


Pete Rahon said...

hi susan, anyong hasimnika, still poor with my Korean 6months here already, please spread the news and lets blog for peace. I have problem with blip tve they don't seem to accept wmv, ill try again. good wishes and peace !